The Model of Simplicity.

I have never designed a logotype without first trying it in Helvetica. It is still the most versatile, classic and readable of all typefaces. - Steff Geissbuhler

Helvetica is one of the worlds most recognizable fonts. It has been used for a plethora of different things from web to print. Many people chose to use Helvetica because of how simple and elegant it is. Some people may regard the font as boring and over used, yet it is is still used by millions of people and companies. Helvetica was originally created in Sweden in 1952 and has been a bench mark for so many add campaigns in every country of the world. There are many things that make Helvetica unique such as; tall x-height, which makes it easier to read in smaller sizes, two-storied a (with curves of bowl and of stem), narrow t and f, and a square-looking s. Helvetica was so popular that Microsoft created there own version of it, named arial. Helvetica in my mind is one of the most usable fonts that can be used for every occasion. I Love Helvetica.